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Yoga is good for your health

Yoga is good for your health

Men are these days faced by a new challenge due to stressful lives they live. Work pressure, financial pressures and lack of activity has led to hampered reproductive health. The sexual health of men is suffering due to unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, stress, smoking and unhealthy eating habits. All of these factors are causing infertility, lower libido and infertility in men. Yoga since ancient times is known to treat and improve the sexual health in men.

Yoga exercise to calm your mind

Mind plays a very important role while having sex with your partner. Therefore, it is very important to calm your mind in order to have a healthy sex life. Pranayam involves deep breathing exercise, which calms your mind. It requires you to close one nostril while breathing in from the second one after which you are supposed to close the other nostril and exhale out slowly from the first one. Another good way to calm you mind is to take in a deep breath and hold it. Now chant OM (Aum) slowly while exhaling out the air in your lungs.

Yoga exercises to increase the strength of your pelvic muscles

There are various exercises in yoga to improve your pelvic muscles, which plays an important role in strengthening your sexual organs. Boat pose involves you to sit on the floor with your legs stretched out. Keep your hands on the side of your hips and lean back slightly keeping your back straight. Now attempt to lift your legs off the floor. Once you have raised your legs at an angle of 45 to 50 degrees, lift your hand off the ground and stay in the pose initially for 20 to 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Increase this time duration as you progress.

Yoga to combat infertility

Do yoga as a couple

Do yoga as a couple

Various yoga poses can help you in increasing the blood flow and controlling testosterone levels in your body. Kundalini yoga has been used by many yogis in the ancient cultures to keep improve their sexual drive. Mool bandha also helps in increasing the blood flow in the reproductive organs making it healthier.

Yoga to combat obesity

Obesity is also a main cause for infertility and reduced sex life. Those having metabolism rate (BMI) of less than 25 are generally prone to experience 25 percent reduction in sperm count. There are various yoga exercises like fast breathing to combat obesity and helps in weight loss.

Improve your sex life with yoga

Improve your sex life with yoga

There are numerous yoga exercises and poses written in old scriptures to combat the problem of bad reproductive health for men. However, yoga should not be taken lightly as some of the poses are dangerous if not done correctly. Breathing plays an important role in yoga exercises and wrong breathing may lead to injuries that could be fatal also. Therefore, if you are a beginner it is important to begin with light yoga exercises and do the complex yoga postures under the guidance of a trained yoga specialist.

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Equity Vs. Debt

How important is money for you?

How important is money to you?

Selecting the best project is one of the toughest tasks when you want to make the right investment decision. It sounds so easy and straight forward but there are a number of factors that one has to consider for him or her to come up with the best portfolio investment. A part from dwelling on the past performance of the project, the investor should also analyze other factors like, downside risk, charges and the consistency of performance. Most of the investors make wrong investment decisions due to poor financial advices and the deception of seasonal or short term high returns on some projects. This makes the investor who is not critical in his or her judgement to loose a lot of money at the end.

So, how can you make the right investment decision? As an investor, you first need to identify your investment objective, the risk involved and the time horizon of your investment plan. This is very important since is going to help you choose from equity or debt category.

Fund House Pedigree

Before deciding on an investment scheme of your choice, select a fund house on which you have no doubt to invest your money. Find out the fund houses that are significantly doing well in financial market and go for those that are long term and of good reputation.

Consistency is very crucial. Avoid investing in a debt or equity that will give good returns at sometime and then drops when the markets become volatile. A good category here will be the debt portfolio since the investor is sure of getting the interests on his or her money despite the performance of the market. Equity can also be good if its returns are constant but in most of the cases, the dividends fluctuate depending on the profit realized at the end of the trading period.

Risk-Return Trade-Off

Take a risk to get rich

Take a risk to get rich

Investment in some securities has a degree of uncertainties and if the returns are not worth, then don’t go for them. Weigh between the investments that give good returns and evaluate against their risk and compare with your debt investments.

Portfolio Diversification

Naturally, investors would like to put their money in schemes that provide diversification in terms of stocks, classes, geographies and sectors. Diversified portfolios have high returns and fewer risks than the ones that are biased towards one category of the project.

Check the past performance of the portfolio and find out about its performance and its diversification of risks.

Expense Ratio

Are you ready to invest your money

Are you ready to invest your money

The expense ratio is the yearly expenses that are incurred by the investments expressed as the percentage of the average net asset on the investment. To be able to choose between the equity and debt investment portfolio, consider the expenses that are charged by them. Projects with many or higher assets have the lower expense ratio than those with lower assets.

In general, both equity and debt investment can work well for you depending on which organisation you choose and considering the above mentioned factors.

Another option is to invest in both categories. The two forms of investment can also work well since they reduce any risk of losing all your money in case of the failure on either side. Investment in both will ensure constant inflow of cash despite the season or the current market performance.

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Thinking about franchising

Thinking about franchising?

You wanted to run a business without creating one on your own. Instead, you are eyeing involvement in a business conglomerate that is profitable, popular, and mobile. The world of business and investments has quite a few options to offer you. One of these options is franchising.

Franchising does not entail that you own a business. It only grants you, as the franchisee, a type of license to access to trade secrets, products and services, and business processes to operate under the franchisor’s company name. Before you take the leap, think about it. Franchising has its own benefits and drawbacks.


When a franchisor enters into an agreement with a franchisee, he collects an initial payment called a licensing payment. This means additional cash flow for him. The franchisor also saves a lot of money from expenses in advertising, operations, and distribution. On the franchisee’s side, owning a franchise saves him the risk of losing time and money by owning an established business instead of starting one with no guaranteed success.
A disadvantage under this part includes the pressure from the franchisor to have enough capital in order to finance franchisee needs. Without it, franchisees will not get the support they need thereby risking losses. The franchisee also needs to pay the franchisor royalties and levies. At times, the costs are exorbitant.


Create a business strategy

Create a business strategy

Franchisors maintain a central flow of command when they open up their business through franchising. This leads to additional revenues, brand consistency, and increased production levels. On the franchisee’s side, it is beneficial to operate under an existing business strategy that’s proven to work. And because he is in control of his franchise, he learns the best business practices and trends in order to increase potential revenues for his business.

However, the pressure for the franchisee to abide by the business protocols exists especially if the company has never been in the bad light. In a similar manner, franchisors may become overpowering that professional strain results between them and the franchisee.


There are risks in every market, and franchisors will find it beneficial to extend their business network in specific locations through a franchisee. When this happens, consumer behavior can be established in order to create more consumer-centric products and services.

On the franchisee’s perspective, operating under a well-known business name and implementing existing and consistent business practices means that consumers will be naturally drawn to the business.

One important drawback under this factor is the disclosure of trade secrets and business protocols to ensure that the franchise operates as expected. It needs to be done if the company is to maintain a reputable and consistent public image. However, franchisees might compromise such image if a misfit happens. In this case, it’s important for franchisors to determine which franchisees are qualified to operate under the business’s name.

Its time to sign your franchising contract

Its time to sign your franchising contract

It is undeniable that the knowledge of risks and results is needed before a franchisee or a franchisor enters the world of franchising. While the rewards are promising, the risks will continue to be there. So before making the decision, think hard. It’s not easy to pull back.

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